Our Real Estate Marketing Plan

Price and location are the two key drivers when it comes to selling a home. A well-priced property in a desirable location will always attract interest and offers. In San Francisco, a prospective buyer might live across the street, or on the other side of the globe.

Coming up with the right selling price is crucial. Ask too much, and you risk alienating potential buyers. Ask too little, and you may leave money on the table.

Hill & Co. agents promote properties through a combination of channels – via personal connections, traditional media, social media and more. Of course, when discretion is preferred, seller privacy is respected, and outreach becomes more one-on-one in nature.

Generating Exposure For Your Property

In general we believe the greater the exposure, the higher the selling price. More awareness means more offers, and more offers mean more aggressive bidding. We will establish a profile for the buyer that the property is most likely to attract, and we will select channels that will reach those individuals – locally, statewide, across the country and internationally.

Typically we begin the process of selling your home by putting together a custom real estate marketing plan. Our market analysis takes into account current market conditions, and reviews what is taking place with properties similar to yours that are also for sale. Have they been on the market long? If sold, did they sell quickly and for how much? The answers to these questions help shape the marketing strategy we develop.

Our property promotion typically involves extensive print and online exposure, communications with brokers and agents in the City and around the world, Sunday open houses and social media outreach. To learn more, contact us, and a Hill & Co. agent will walk you through all of our strategies and tactics in detail.

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