Make An Offer

Pricing is not an exact science, especially in San Francisco. Many factors that affect value are: location, view, size, condition, demand, and amenities.

So now you have found the property of your dreams. What's next? There are several factors involved in making an offer and subsequently buying a home. Your Hill & Co. agent will help you determine the following:

  • If the property is fairly valued
  • How fierce is the competition
  • What are the comparables in the neighborhood
  • The best loan available for the purchase
  • What property inspections need to be performed
  • The appropriate time needed to complete the transaction

Your Hill & Co. agent understands that this is not merely a financial investment, it is a life investment. The expertise, the experience and the attention of your agent will help guide you through the complex transaction of buying a home.

Contact us today for more information on buying a home, and assistance in finding the property of your dreams!