A Profile of Local Artist Emily Fromm

Posted by Garey De Martini on Monday, July 30th, 2018 at 11:53am.

You may be familiar with Emily Fromm. We were not, until we spotted a profile about her in a recent issue of CA Modern. Emily lives and works in the City, and she captures in a wonderful and unexpected way the essence of living in San Francisco — our local neighborhoods, street scenes, and the people that are found here.

Emily, 26, paints in a flat style, without shadow or depth, and limits the number of colors she uses in her paintings.  As a result, her work has a bold graphic novel feel about it, yet the settings are all easy to recognize.

According to writer Dave Weinstein , “Emily’s focus on the material world and pop culture belongs to a long tradition that includes 16th century Dutch genre scenes, the Japanese Ukiyo-e prints of the 1700s, American regionalists like Edward Hopper, and, more recently, the comic book work of Oakland artist Daniel Clowes.”

A year ago Emily was part of a two artist show at a San Francisco gallery that doubles as a tavern, 111 Minna Gallery, and she will have another show at Minna in early 2019, this time a one-person show. What’s more, in 2020, her work will be displayed on a ceramic 9 feet high by 36 feet long mural at Terminal One at San Francisco International Airport. The City’s Art Commission has asked her produce portraits of San Francisco’s most iconic neighborhoods for the mural.

Emily Fromm may or may not be an artist you are already know, but we have no doubt you’ll be hearing more about her in the years to come. To see samples of her work please visit her website at EmilyFromm.com.

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